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Kinetic Energy Depends on Weight of an Object
Red cabbage juice - Acid Base indicator
Making Hard Water Soft
Kinetic Energy Depends on Speed of an Object
Multiple reflection using Parallel Mirrors
Light spreads in all directions
Vegetative Propagation
Fast and slow Chemical reaction
Rusting of Iron
Trace the path of Light in a Straight line
Atmospheric Pressure
Muscular Energy
Simple Machine - Screw - Inclined plane
Work - Potential and Kinetic energy
Simple Machine - Type 1 lever
Flame always points upward
Light Travels in a straight line
Bending of light by Refraction
Reflection of Light on flat and uneven surfaces
Total Internal Reflection of Light
Sound Loudness depends on Amplitude
Sound is Produced by Vibrations
Bernoulli's Principle - Floating egg in water
Force - Change position,motion,shape and direction
Hourglass - Measure time
Glass with water - Convex Lens
Water drop doesn't Evaporate in Hot plate
Surface Tension of Water using a Ruler
Low Atmospheric Pressure inside the Glass
Size and Position of Shadow - Light source
Size of Shadow and Proximity of Light source
Low atmospheric pressure and Soda can
Transpiration in Plants
Surface Tension of Water using camphor
Temporary Magnet - Iron Key
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