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Science Experiments
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Refraction of Light - Coin disappears
Combustible & Non Combustible substances
Water Universal Solvent
Cartesian diver Experiment
Sound - Frequency,Pitch Depends on length
Rolling and Sliding Friction
Low Atmospheric Pressure Sucks water
Surface Tension of Water using sieve
Gravitational Force
Rotatory Motion
Heating Sugar - Carbon and Water
Solar Eclipse
Circular Motion
Oscillatory Motion
Linear Motion
Temperature and Liquid state of Water
Phases of the Moon
Umbra and Penumbra Regions
Moon Rises at Different times
Same side of Moon visible
Elastic Force
Magnetic Force
Surface Tension of Water
Odometer and Speedometer
Bernoulli's Principle
Solute Solvent and Solution
Saltwater - Conduct Electricity
Electricity - Conductors and Insulators
Turmeric Water - Natural Indicator - Acid/Base
Bar magnet - North South Direction
Diffusion in Liquids
Potato Oxidation
Matter - Solid to Liquid State
Rate of Evaporation
How Safety Matches Work
Transfer of Heat - Conduction
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